Business Process Excellence (BPX) - The New Driver To Work-Life Balance

27 Feb 2022 5-min read Business Process Excellence
Business Process Excellence (BPX) - The New Driver To Work-Life Balance

At times, we are faced with choosing one over the other. As employees who want to keep our KPIs up or get ahead in life - having good enough performance at work so you can receive a promotion isn't always enough if your personal goals aren’t met!

Enterprise-level marketers have a single objective: delivering value. And, given that we're investing so much in our clients' businesses—from financials to consumer goods--we need the return on those investments to be as high or higher than possible if they want us around for longer periods.

Enterprises are always looking to meet the needs of their clients and shareholders in order for them not only maintain but also grow market share.

“Do whatever it takes, just get the results” rings true in either case.

To ensure fruition of these results, we often find our own lives being dictated by our work and frequently dedicating all our time towards achieving goals set by our work even with the simplest of tasks, commonly redoing it in order to ensure that we achieve the best results.

When we're obsessed with work and dedicated all our time towards achieving goals set by the company, even simple tasks become an enormous hassle. We often find ourselves re-doing them just because it's worth getting those perfect results!

Working hard is often associated with a good working attitude, but it may not be the most effective or efficient way of achieving the required results. Putting in long hours eats into our time for family and friends which some of us have no choice but to make anyway.

Imagine a work environment in which people can deliver on all their promises without including any unnecessary or redundant activities. This would allow them to create deliverables faster with better quality than before, don't you think?

"It’s not about working hard, it's all in how you work smartly." - BPX

The simplicity in BPX is more than just about making hard work easy, it's also a commitment to ensuring that all unnecessary burdens are removed so our minds can focus on what really matters - adding value. Simplicity should be applied not only when determining how things get done but most importantly for whom they're intended audience or goal.

BPX is a methodology that requires us to define the core deliverables of any work activities, and then provides guidance on how these should be supported with clear information. The first step in BPX says we must identify what's required for success, these include everything from WHO (RACI) down through WHEN/HOW tasks will take place throughout our process' life cycle including data inputs or outputs as well as systems documents where they're needed most.

When objectives are clear, employees can easily identify the work that needs to be done. They know what quality they're going for and how best to achieve it! The best practice for project management is to continue monitoring your work and deliverables even after you have completed the identification stage. This ensures that they're on track, as opposed to not just stopping at this point like some companies might do with their projects (BPX mandates we don't).

With process monitors that are automatically triggered by the prescribed criteria, regular checks on progress and quality can be performed. This constant audit guarantees a high level of completion for all tasks involved in your project.

This is a great way to reduce rework time and errors. This takes directly from the Lean Six Sigma methodology, which means that instead of correcting mistakes after production has finished (which can be expensive), we can stop these problems at their source by catching them in process before they happen.

With the help of technology, organizations can streamline their work processes and make them more efficient. For example, activity monitors can measure how much time an employee spends on certain tasks for it to be recorded; accordingly, this information helps with tracking purposes as well because we know what needs more attention than others - which saves businesses from doing guesswork.

However, this is where they would face their biggest challenge: how to ensure my employees are not threatened by such digitalization initiatives? The change to a new way of working can be difficult for some, but it is possible with help from your leadership. A good corporate vision and an emphasis on continuous training will go far in helping employees get used to the changes that you want them to!

We at ARISE believe that work should be balanced with life. Our goal is to relieve the stress of redundant or unnecessary tasks so employees can focus on more important things, such as their family and personal health.