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We provide the methodology supported by the world leading Oracle BPA Suite of tools as well as the experienced consultants who can bridge the gap between corporate strategy, business processes and IT solutions to address a wide spectrum of issues while reducing the complexity , costs and cycle time of enterprise transformation and integration projects. Our customers come from public services, financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing as well as transportation and logistics.

Business Process Management (BPM) 

Business Processes enable enterprise productivity. Technologies and systems enable business processes. We assist organisations to design and optimise their business processes to achieve business process excellence using the most comprehensive Oracle BPA platform.

Enterprise Architecture (EA)

¡° You never build a house from a photograph , so why do you build an enterprise without an architecture¡±
- Dr Thomas Gulledge, President , EII.

We help customers to design the enterprise architecture to capture information about many aspects of the organisations such as strategies, business processes, products, information, applications systems, and their interrelationships .

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

¡°By 2010, according to forecasts by analysts at the Gartner Group, at least 65 percent of large companies will have switched more than 35 percent of their application portfolios to a service- oriented architecture.¡±

We provide services to help customers to adopt SOA to deliver systems with greater agility and speed . We use Oracle SOA Suite as a standard based best of breed solution to help customers to build service oriented applications.


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